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Yusak Soleiman is a pastor, theologian and historian. He completed his theological training at Jakarta Theological School (STT Jakarta) in 1989. After completing his ministerial training he was ordained as minister for a small parish in Bandung, West Java in early 1990’s. He received the opportunity to complete his master degree in the field of church and mission history at the faculty of theology of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands. Upon his return to Jakarta in 1997 he got married with Ida Indawati, and directly started his new job as an assistant professor of church history in STT Jakarta. This book originates from his dissertation at VrijeUniversiteit Amsterdam - VUA, in the Netherlands (2011). His research on the 17th and 18th century materials related to the social history of the first Christian presence on Java introduces a new and fresh look on religious, social and mental-history. Currently he supervises the Documentation Center for Indonesian Church History (Pusat Dokumentasi Sejarah Gereja Indonesia) at the STT Jakarta. The center was founded by his senior colleague Prof. Jan S. Aritonang, Aritonang, the first state-appointed Protestant professor on the field of Indonesian church history. They cooperate in education and training programmes to expand knowledge, skill and awareness of Indonesian church history.