Culture and family worries did not stop her from acting her part for all woman. God has been able to use Julliete Saloh - Kiting in many places and in various situations. This is the story of the struggles of a dayak woman to work together with other woman and especially Dayak woman.

She had several obstacles in her life like fences that were put around her. Her husband was not inclined to support her, and later was paralysed by a stroke. Two of her children were mentally disturbed. for some people these would be large hindrances, but Juliette carried on her life without complaint.

This is the story of a Dayak woman who gave herself to serve others with all her love. you will learn much for her determination, humility, honesty and great dedication both to her family and to church and society.

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Paperback: 153 pages
Publisher: BPK Gunung Mulia
Edition: 1
Language: Inggris
ISBN-10: -
ISBN-13: -
Product Dimensions: 14x21x1 cm
Shipping Weight: 190 gr
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